We have all been updated about the events and news doing the rounds about Telangana. But with this, there are a few facts which are interesting as well as lesser known to us. Let us go ahead and look at some of the facts about Telangana.


10 Interesting, Unknown, and Fun Facts About Telangana

1. Telangana also called as the land of Telugus is the 29th state of India. The last new state to be formed before this was in the year 2000, when the then NDA government carved out 3 states of the existing ones.

2. It is the 5th state in the southern region of India apart from the Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Goa which is considered as a state in south but is more on the south western side.

3. Telangana became the 12th largest state in in India with a total area of 1.14 lakh square km. But with this division, Andhra Pradesh moved down in the charts from the 4th position to the 6th position.

4. It is also the 12th most populated state in India with a population of 3.52 crores, as per the 2011 census and Andhra Pradesh moved down from 5th to 10th after the division.

5. This population has diversity with 86% being Hindus and 12% being Muslims. The remaining 2% is Christians and other castes .Thus making it more inclined towards Hindu religion.

6. Even after the diversity in religions, Telangana has 77% of the people who speak Telugu, 12% speak Urdu and the remaining 11% speak other languages. It is one of the most multilinguistic states in the south region.

7. Telangana is made of 10 districts and Hyderabad is the joint capital of both the states i.e. Telangana as well as Andhra Pradesh, for the next 10 years to come.

8. Coming to the political side; Telangana will have 17 seats from the Lok Sabha and 119 seats from the assembly.

9. Telangana is a dry and hot climatic region, in spite of the rivers Godavari and Krishna being major suppliers of water to it.

10. It is a great place for tourists; but you should visit the state between November to February if you do not wish to get fried in the arid weather.

All these facts about Telangana will make you fall in love with it. The struggle it has gone through for being separated from Andhra Pradesh is not hidden from anyone and has an iconic place engraved in the history.

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Article Title: 10 Interesting, Unknown, and Fun Facts About Telangana
Article first published on March 1, 2017.

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