Tamil Nadu

When it comes to Tamil Nadu, one name that definitely comes to our mind is Rajnikant, the super-star of the South Indian Film Industry. But there are some unknown and interesting facts about Tamil Nadu which I bet most of us are unaware of. Let’s check them out:

Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu

12 Interesting, Unknown, and Fun Facts About Tamil Nadu

1. The Tamilians were the pioneers of the Banking sector in the country, who started certain banking institutions like Indian Overseas Bank, Indian Bank, The United India Insurance etc. Infact they were the ones who introduced the credit and debit system of banking.

2. One third of the rice fields in Myanmar belonged to Tamil traders. Decades ago, they used to trade with the European nations and were major contributors to rise the economy of Burma and Ceylon.

3. There are 2 political parties who dominate the politics in Tamil Nadu. AIADMK, which was headed by Lt. Jayalalithaa and DMK which is headed by the Karunanidhi family.

4. When measured in area, Tamil Nadu is the 11 th largest state in India and also ranks as 7th most populous state in India.

5. The most interesting fact about Tamil Nadu is that the spoken language of Tamil in Chennai and the interiors of Chennai are different.

6. A fun fact about Tamil Nadu which will surprise you is that, the auto drivers charge almost double than the actual auto fare.

7. In the Corporation restaurants in Chennai, you get Idlis for Re. 1 and curd rice for Rs. 3. This chain was started, so that nobody ever remains hungry in Tamil Nadu. Great isn’t it?

8. We all know that Latin is the oldest spoken language in the world. But, it was a decade old fact. Now, the world’s oldest living language is Tamil.

9. The charisma of the words “Lost City” always added a mysterious feel. Did you know that Tamil Nadu has a lost city too? Yes and the name of the city is Puhar.

10. Tamil Nadu has the highest literacy ratio of 80.3% in India. The schools and colleges in
Tamil Nadu are either Tamil Medium or English medium and Hindi language is the third language in the private schools.

11. Tamil Nadu has a smart reservation policy. About 90% of this state population comes under the reservation quota excluding the Brahmins and the forward castes.

12. Tamil Nadu does not have wheat cultivation and hence their staple food is rice and not chapattis.

These were some of the amazing facts about Tamil Nadu, which all Non-Tamilians should know.

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Article Title: 12 Interesting, Unknown, and Fun Facts About Tamil Nadu
Article first published on February 24, 2017.

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