Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey is one of the most controversial film actress and models in India. She is widely known for her work in Telugu cinema and Bollywood. Poonam Pandey started her career as model and later on got famous due to her controversial Twitter and Facebook photographs.

10 Interesting and Amazing Facts About Poonam Pandey

1. Become Celebrity Overnight

She became a celebrity overnight by just announcing that she will strip if India were to win the Cricket World Cup 2011. It was enough to create a buzz in the country.

Poonam Pandey ICC World Cup
Poonam Pandey ICC World Cup

2. Strip in IPL 5

Poonam Pandey strip when KKR team won the Indian Premier League Seasons 5.

3. Mad About Her

She is always busy in taking selfies of herself in sexy clothes. However, it is the best way to make more fans.

Poonam Pandey Selfie
Poonam Pandey Selfie

4. Most Searched Person in 2011

She was one of the most searched persons in Google India in 2011 due to his controversial statements on social media websites.

5. Shot 29 Calendars in 2011!

It is one of the lesser known facts about Poonam Pandey that she shot about 29 calendars in 2011 due to her controversial statements in media.

6. Popular on YouTube Too!

She is not just popular on social media websites and Google, she is equally popular on popular video sharing website YouTube. She has millions of views on her videos.

7. Rejected Bigg Boss 7 Movie Project

According to the news reports, she even rejected the proposal of Bigg Boss 7 movie project due to less offer. The production house offered about Rs. 2-2.5 crore but she demanded Rs. 3 crore for the project.

8. Involved in Sex Video Scandal

Poonam Pandey was involved in a sex video scandal and that surprised many people in the film industry of India.

9. Poonam Pandey is Bold!

She never hesitate to reveal. She regularly posts her sexy photographs over the internet through Facebook and Twitter.

10. Featured in Kingfisher Calendar

Poonam Pandey was featured in Kingfisher Calendar 2012.

Article first published on April 21, 2016.

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