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Mumbai Underworld is one of the powerful gangs in the history of India. They have ruled the financial capital of India aka the city of Mumbai. The city of Mumbai is also known for its glamour lifestyle and never sleep attitude. There are several interesting, unknown, mind blowing, and surprising facts about Mumbai Underworld. So, let’s enjoy!

11 Unknown and Surprising Facts About Mumbai Underworld

1. Most disciplined structure

Mumbai Underworld is the most disciplined structure in India and often considered more disciplined than any other government organization.

2. Multiple Income Sources

Mumbai Underworld was involved in many crimes in Mumbai and nearby areas. They were having multiple income sources, which includes murders, extortion, minor blackmailing, and harassment. Smuggling was the main income source of their organization.

3. One of the oldest crime organizations

Mumbai Underworld is one of the oldest organized crime organizations in India. It is difficult to get exact year but it was created somewhere between 1940s and 1950s. Smuggling was their business and income stream.

4. Ayub Lala

Ayub Lala was the first popular Mumbai Underworld don. He was also known as Ayub Khan Pathan.

Ayub Lala
Ayub Lala

5. A large empire of Ayub Lala

Once, Ayub Lala was having more than 13,000 employees who were busy doing works of him. There was a time when Ayub Lala was the mastermind behind all the nightclubs and bars in the city of Mumbai.

6. Time comes for D-Company

Dawood Ibrahim took over the underworld organization from other gangs and gangsters. He is the sole owner of this organization and now known as D-Company in Mumbai.

Dawood Ibrahim
Dawood Ibrahim

7. Organized activities

Rather than tapori type business, D Company is running like a corporate business in Mumbai. D Company name was also given by his founder Dawood Ibrahim.

8. Hub of drug trafficking

Mumbai was selected as the hub of drug trafficking for supplying drugs across the world. Mumbai is a strategic city, which can be used to export drugs to different parts of Europe.

9. Heroin’s mastermind is D-Company

A large quantity of heroin is supplied to other parts of the world through the D-company. They use the the city of Mumbai and other parts of the country for exporting heroin and drugs.

10. Bollywood is much closer to D Company

D-Company is more interested in Bollywood than any other business sectors. It is widely known that the movie stars are seen in many parties organized by the members of D Company.

11. Don’t say ‘No’

It is a deadly thing to say ‘No’ to D-company if they are interested to make you member of their organization. A few people have been killed by the D-company for saying ‘No’.

Article first published on May 7, 2016.

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