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Meghalaya is a beautiful travel destination in India, and have several untouched tourist attractions. It is one of the most beautiful states in India, which you should visit once in your lifetime. However, there are several things which people don’t know about Meghalaya. To spread the information about Meghalaya, we have compiled a list of interesting, mind blowing, and lesser known facts about Meghalaya.


10 Interesting and Amazing Facts About Meghalaya

1. Scotland of the East

Meghalaya is a beautiful state and hence widely known as “Scotland of the East”

2. Longest Cave System

Meghalaya has a number of ancient caves. A cave namely Jaintia Hills is long more than 22 km and connects two separate caves in the area.

3. Roots Bridges or Living Bridges

Did you know? There are many living bridges (roots bridges) which are dates back to hundred of years ago. Most of these living bridges are located in Cherrapunji.

4. Majority of People Are Christians

In Meghalaya, majority of people are Christians. Other religious people are Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs.

5. Famous People from Meghalaya

Meghalaya has given many famous and important dignities, including popular author Arundhati Roy and former Speaker of Lok Sabha P A Sangama.

6. Majority of People Are Tribal

Did you know? It is one of the most interesting facts about Meghalaya that majority of the people in Meghalaya are Tribal people. Khasi is the major community among the Tribal people.

7. One Of The Smallest States in India

Meghalaya is one of the smallest states in India by population and area. The population of Meghalaya is just 2.9 million and area is 22,720 sq. km.

8. Highest Rainfall in The World

It is one of the lesser known facts about Meghalaya. Cherrapunji is having the record of the highest rainfall in the world in a calendar month.

9. Meghalaya Is Surrounded By Other Country

Meghalaya shares international border with Bangladesh. It is one of the most interesting and lesser known facts about Meghalaya.

10. Best Time To Visit Meghalaya

Are you planning to visit the beautiful state Meghalaya? Then time between March and July is the best time to visit this beautiful travel destination.

Article Title: 10 Interesting and Amazing Facts About Meghalaya

Article first published on July 24, 2016.

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