Kerala is known as the “God’s Own Country” and has scenic beauty, which lures thousands of tourists every year and makes it popular day by day. However, there are a few amazing facts about Kerala which you never knew about. So, let us explore them in detail here:


10 Interesting, Important and Basic Facts About Kerala

1. Kerala is the highest in literacy rate and the sex ratio. It has a controlled population as compared to the other states making it less crowded. The life expectancy is also on a higher end here.

2. Kerala is the least corrupt state in India; making its citizens proud.

3. Tourism is on an all-time high and most of the income comes in from this business. You will find many great scenic beauties like the back waters, mountains and high coffee plantations which mesmerizes you to the core. You will fall in love with this state just as you step here.

4. Kerala is a huge producer of Rubber and it has topped the charts worldwide. This is an interesting fact about Kerala which even makes it more environment friendly, as they have more plantations across the globe for rubber.

5. Kerala is one of the most media centric states in India. It has newspapers published in 9 languages and the readership is way higher than any other state in India.

6. Kerala as a word was first recorded in the 3 rd century, where Emperor Ashoka from the Maurya empire in-scripted it on a rock known as the Rock Edict 2.

7. Kerala is known for the tourism and is divided into 3 regions known as Malabar in the north; Kochi in the central part and Tranvancore in the south.

8. Majorly populated with Malyalis; the males in this state will be seen in a common attire with dhotis called as mundus and moustaches. It is very easy to point out that a person is a localite there or not.

9. Kochi also known as Cochin in Kerala is the major port and is also termed as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”.

10. Kerala is home to Ayurveda and it also hosts the Ayurvedic resort named Somatheeram, which is the first of its kind in the world.

The next time when holiday is on your mind; these amazing and interesting facts about Kerala are bound to take you there, for a tour.

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Article Title: 10 Interesting, Important and Basic Facts About Kerala
Article first published on February 28, 2017.

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