Jharkhand is situated in the eastern part of India and was formerly a part of Bihar, until November 15th 2000, when it was separated from it. This state has a lot to offer and there are many interesting facts about Jharkhand, which are not known to many. So, without wasting any more time let us look at some of them.


9 Interesting, Amazing and Unique Facts About Jharkhand

1. We all know that the former captain of the Indian cricket team Mahendra Singh Dhoni belongs from Jharkhand. But the lesser known fact is that Bollywood personalities like Meenakshi Sheshadri, Priyanka Chopra and Tanushree Dutta also belong to this land.

2. India being a spiritual country; Jharkhand hosts Deoghar an ancient city which is known for the temples. There are 12 famous Shiva lings in India and one of them is in the temple known as Baidyanath Dham, situated in Deoghar.

3. Jharkhand has some of the best educational institutions, such as Xavier School of Management better known as XLRI, NIT and BIT Mesra.

4. Jamshedpur city in Jharkhand is one of the largest industrial cities and Ranchi is the capital of the state being an industrial hub for many companies.

5. Jamshedpur city is the first planned industrial city and is home to the Tata steel Plant, which was established in 1907 by the founder Jamshedji Tata.

6. Jharkhand’s population comprises mainly of Hindus with 68.6%.

7. Jharkhand is rich in minerals and other resources holding about 40% of the total minerals in India. Iron Ore, Mica, Graphite, Dolomite, Coal, Limestone and Asbestos are to name a few.

8. The Oraon tribe in Jharkhand has a famous festival called Karam. The other ones are Vat Savitri and Teej which are followed religiously.

9. Another interesting fact about Jharkhand is that it has the highest peak named Parasnath with a height of 1366 meters.

Jharkhand has been in the news ever since it has been separated from Bihar in 2000. Moreover, it has become popular only after Mahendra Singh Dhoni had proved to the entire world that he is one of the finest cricketers in the world. Home to many great industries makes it an economic power of India and has many subsidiaries given by the government to boost the confidence of the people living in the state. All these facts about Jharkhand make it a great place to visit.

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Article Title: 9 Interesting, Amazing and Unique Facts about Jharkhand
Article first published on February 27, 2017.

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