Indian National Congress

Indian National Congress (INC) is one of the oldest and most prominent political party of the Indian subcontinent. It was formed in 1885 by Allan Octavian Hume, Dadabhai Naoroji and Dinshaw Wacha. INC gained popularity and validity among masses because of the active participation of its leaders in the freedom struggle. It became the most dominant party post-independence in 1947. Most of the prime ministers of independent India have been leaders of this political party.

There are quite a few interesting facts about Indian National Congress. Some of them are listed below:

Indian National Congress
Indian National Congress

12 Interesting and Important Facts About Indian National Congress

1. The seed of formation of this party were sown in a meeting of Theosophical society in, Madras in 1884, of which A. O. Hume was a prominent member. The basic aim was to integrate educated Indians in government and also to facilitate political coordination between them and the British Raj.

2. Its 1 st meeting was held in Bombay (Mumbai) instead of Pune due to a cholera outbreak. U C Banerjee was elected as the 1st president in this meeting.

3. It did not gain public support till 1905. Partition of Bengal served as the trigger for the party to play an important role in the Swadeshi movement.

4. Return of M. K. Gandhi from South Africa in 1915 was followed by his election as the president of this political party. Mahatma Gandhi became the face of the party with his policy of ahinsa and non-violence, which became the key mantras of Indian freedom movement.

5. The party was divided into two moral factions – a moderate one led by Gokhle and an extremist faction headed by the trio popularly known as Lal-Bal- Pal.

6. INC played a major role in the Indian freedom struggle. It had huge public support which
eventually led to India’s independence form the British Empire.

7. To avoid conflict and discord between Hindu-Muslim communities, INC declared the separation of Pakistan, under M. A. Jinnah’s leadership.

8. Another interesting fact about Indian National Congress is that it has remained in power in India for the maximum time, having been in power for more than 45 years.

9. It has been at the helm of major revolutions that took place post-independence; namely, green revolution, white revolution, industrial revolution and digital revolution.

10. The constitution of independent India was drafted by a committee headed by much acclaimed and accomplished Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, which took place under the rule of INC.

11. It has been instrumental in building a strong defence program which is currently serving our country and protecting it against attacks.

12. It has worked tirelessly, enhancing friendly relations with important foreign powers.

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Article Title: 12 Interesting and Important Facts About Indian National Congress
Article first published on January 31, 2017.

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