Indian Culture

India, is an amazing country. It is the birthplace of many things including religion and technology. Today’s world scenario wouldn’t have been the same without the contribution of this beautifully enriched country and its industrious citizens. There are many interesting facts about Indian culture that are relatively unknown. Below is a list of some of these wonderfully amazing facts about Indian culture.

Indian Culture
Indian Culture

12 Interesting, Amazing and Fun Facts About Indian Culture

1. How India got its name?

The Indus valley civilization or India derived its name from the river itself. Sindhu, as it is called in the native language formed the basis of the name Hindu, which was modified into India.

2. Masters of education

India has been the seat of civilization all over the world. The oldest universities Takshila were formed and functional around 700 B.C.

3. Magnificent architecture

There are numerous temples, with different architectural forms persisting in different regions.The footfall in the most famous Tiruapti Balaji temple and the Kashi Vishwanath is more than that of the Vatican and Mecca combined. Numerous mosques and shrines, remains of the Mughal rule also speak volumes about the cultural heritage of the country.

4. Enigmatic dances

There are so many dance forms in this country that make you fall in love with dancing. Almost each and every state of India has its own dance form. From Manipuri, Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Bhangra to Kathakali, Odissi and Kuchipudi, all of them have something enchanting and different to offer.

5. Cradle of life

It is considered the birth place of major religions practised throughout the world including Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Hinduism.

6. Kumbhmela

An aggregation of Hindu mystics that takes place every 4 years is considered very auspicious by all. A mahakumbh takes place once in every 12 years, and is one of the largest congregations on earth which is visible, even from the space.

7. Shanishignapur

A small town in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra is known for its strange belief that lord Shani guards everyone under his realm. The entire town doesn’t have doors in their homes, nor do they keep things under lock and key. There are no police stations as people don’t steal anything fearing the wrath of Shani.

8. Holy cow!

Cows are considered holy animals’ equivalent to mothers. They are revered by majority of people and therefore can be commonly found wandering on streets.

9. Cuisines

In India, with change in every 500-1000 kms, you will find a change in palate. There are numerous cuisines in each state which have their distinct preparation techniques and tastes. Though, majority of the population is vegetarian, you can find many preparations of lamb, chicken and sea food here too.

10. Right to maintenance

It is a fundamental right for the people to take care of their dependents which includes aged parents, wife, children and widowed daughter/daughter-in- law.

11. Cultural harmony

People of different religions coexist peacefully. Communal harmony can be seen when people of different religions come together to celebrate a relatively lesser known festival called “phoolwalonkisair” or “sair-e- gulfaroshan”.

12. Beautiful fauna

It has a rich diversity of medicinal plants as well as flowering plants which serve as tourist attractions. Auli, in Uttarakhand has a beautiful valley of flowers which looks just out of a postcard.

These facts about Indian culture are bound to make you discover the unexplored regions of this beautiful subcontinent. It has a lot to offer from its cultural diversity to its wonderful hospitality to unparalleled natural beauty. Enjoy the beauty with your own eyes. After all, seeing is believing.

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Article Title: 12 Interesting, Amazing and Fun Facts About Indian Culture
Article first published on February 12, 2017.

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