India and Pakistan Partition

In the events of history, the partition of India and Pakistan is one of the most disheartening events, where many people sacrificed their lives. After 350 years of British rule, both these countries fought to attain freedom but just after 2 days the historical partition took place, that too by a person who never saw this country. When we go through the history text books or watch historical movies, it often takes our breath away and we feels goose-bumps in our hands.

There are some lesser known facts about India and Pakistan Partition, which we all have rights to know.

India and Pakistan Partition
India and Pakistan Partition

1. Cyril Radcliffe:

After India and Pakistan succeeded in achieving Independence; Cyril John Radcliffe, a British lawyer came to India on 17th August, 1947, and designed the border according to the geographical layout of the country. Due to his unawareness, the country was divided without any clue of religious communities, which ultimately caused clashes between Hindus and Muslims.

2. Different dates of Independence

Pakistan achieved Independence on 14th August and India on 15th August. Do you know the reason why? It’s because Mountbatten wished to attend both the ceremonies and it wouldn’t have been possible, if Independence of both countries were on the same say.

3. Loss of lives:

Around 1 million people had to lose their lives during the partition, wherein between 5-8 lakhs lives were lost in Punjab alone.

4. Mahatma Gandhi was not in Delhi during partition:

Gandhi ji was in Calcutta on 15th August, 1947, where he was protesting to stop communal killing.

5. Largest Migration:

One of the biggest facts about India and Pakistan Partition is that, this partition recorded the highest number of migration in the history till date.

6. British Prime Minister, Clement Atlee:

Mr. Atlee had announced in early 1947 that partition should happen on 3rd June, 1948 as they denied leaving India before this date.

7. 15th August:

One major fact about India and Pakistan Partition on 15th August is that, this date was derived by consulting some astrologers to carry out the event.

8. Punjab’s Gurdaspur:

In Pakistan, there were 2 tehsils of Punjab’s Gurdaspur included but its people were never recognised as Muslims in Pakistan.

9. Division:

India just got a feeble rail network after the partition, whereas Pakistan got 40% of Indian Railway Lines, two out of six metropolitan cities and 1/3 rd of Indian Army.

10. Jammu and Kashmir:

Pakistan wanted Jammu and Kashmir to join their state because they had a huge population of Muslims in it, but in October 1947, the Hindu Maharaja decided to join India.

These were some of the facts about India and Pakistan Partition, which in my view every Indian citizen should know.

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Article Title: 10 Lesser Known Facts About India and Pakistan Partition
Article first published on February 4, 2017.

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