Haryana, one of the prime Northern states in the sub-continent, India is known for its glorious economic conditions. Though Haryana has been a state that was curved out from Punjab in 1966, the growth of it has been only on the upward trend in the country. While assessing the facts of Haryana, one cannot be surprised and amazed to know that the state has such a tremendous view to it.


13 Interesting and Amazing Facts About Haryana

Here are the facts of Haryana that substantiate the claim of its uniqueness:

1. Haryana is the first state in India to receive full rural electrification.

2. The state is the largest exporter of Basmati rice.

3. Since the state was later carved out from Punjab, Haryana shares its capital city with Punjab – Chandigarh. The regional language is Haryanvi but the state also houses a lot of Punjabi speaking crowd.

4. The state of Haryana is divided into four major regions, viz Ambala, Gurgaon, Hisar and Rohtak. Of these, Gurgaon has developed to be a major IT hub in the country and offers good amount of employment opportunities for the people.

5. One of the most important facts of Haryana is that it is one of the richest states in India. Economically well developed, the state’s GDP ranks 2nd in the country.

6. The state has a rich heritage and past. The Mahabharata’s battle was fought in Kurukshetra, which is now a district in Haryana.

7. The state has also a tight connection to the Indus valley civilization. It has been uncovered that the Harappa civilization started from Rakhigarhi and there are traces of it also found in Hisar district.

8. Along with the history of the state which is well linked to civilizations in this country, the interesting facts of Haryana is that the current population is more focused on agriculture compared to education.

9. The river banks of Saraswati, which is the present day Haryana, traces to the region where the Vedas (ancient Hindu literature) were written.

10. The handloom and carpet industry of Haryana are well renowned in the country. The world also recognizes the exquisite workmanship of Panipat handlooms and carpets.

11. Yet another historical imprint from the facts of Haryana namely this state has been a major contributor to the Green revolution in the 1960s. This is primarily because agriculture is the main occupation in the state.

12. Not limited to agriculture, many industries from steel to paper, from textile to plywood have their base in Haryana.

13. Despite this development, Haryana is yet to be well connected via airways to the rest of the country. The people commute to other locations by road or railway transport.

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Article Title: 13 Interesting and Amazing Facts About Haryana
Article first published on February 8, 2017.

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