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India is known all over the globe for its diversity. Be it diversity in dressing, festivities or languages spoken. Across the 29 states in India, there are more than 500 local languages spoken. One language among all these is ‘Gujarati’. As one knows, the common fact about Gujarati language is that it is the local language spoken by people who are born in the state of Gujarat – more famously known as the state where the father of the nation was born.

The population of the state of Gujarat as on 2011 is about 62.7 million and it has 33 districts. The literacy ration in this state is about 70.73%, which is way higher than many of the other states in the country. In this literary, the local language is widely accepted and is a very easy language to learn. Apart from its simplicity, here are 10 amazing Facts About Gujarati Language you never knew about:

Gujarat Map
Gujarat Map

10 Interesting Facts About Gujarati Language

#1: The Gujarati language is a mix of three languages – Urdu, Sindhi and Gujarati.

#2: The gujarati grammar was introduced by a Jain Monk and an eminent scholar –Hemchandra Acharya. This script is known to be an extended version of the Devanagari script – the same script which supports languages including Hindi and Sanskrit.

#3: The most interesting fact about Gujarati language is that there are about 66 million speakers of this language who are spread across the globe. This huge number makes this language the 26th most widely spoken language all over the globe.

#4: To mark history, this was the first language of our very own father of the nation – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He spoke this language fluently and preached the same to his fellow beings. This language has been the first language of other prominent people including Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Vallabhai Patel.

#5: The Gujarati language came into existence in the 19 th century where it was primarily used for business transactional purposes. This included writing professional letters and maintaining business accounts.

#6: This language is also a major part of the Greater Indo – European language clan.

#7: The language is descended from the language of Sanskrit and the first ever manuscript of the Gujarati language was written way back in 1592.

#8: Though the language came into existence in 1592, it came into extensive usage only in the 1700’s. This was the time when the first ever commercial was released in 1797.

#9: The language is very similar to Hindi, where it has three genders and two numbers.

#10: One very interesting fact about Gujarati language and its grammar is that the vowels of this language can be written as independent letters or can be used before and after any consonant (more or less like the language of English).

Article Title: 10 Interesting Facts About Gujarati Language
Article first published on January 30, 2017.

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