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Google is the most popular website in India and around the world. It is also the most used search engine in the world to search useful information over the Internet. India is one of the most important countries for Google. The company has millions of users for its search engine in India. It is used by millions of people on daily basis in India. Still, a lot of people didn’t know much about Google India. So, let’s read it!

8 Mind Blowing and Interesting Facts About Google India

1. Google India Opened in 2004

India is one of the most important markets for Google and hence, they have opened their offices in India in October, 2014 in Bangalore and Hyderabad, India.

Google India Opened in 2004
Google India Opened in 2004

2. Suicide Helpline in India

Just go to Google India homepage and search this query “I want to commit suicide” and you would get a list of Suicide Helpline numbers from all over the country.

Suicide Helpline in India
Suicide Helpline in India

3. Best Company to Work in India

According to the Economic Times, Google India was the second best company to work in India in 2015.

4. Google India in Regional Languages

Google’s knowledge graph provides quick facts and interesting information in several regional languages of India.

5. Google India, Ranked at #9

Google India is one of the most visited websites in the world. According to Alexa Ranking, Google India is 9th most visited website over the Internet.

6. Millions of Crawled Pages

Google India has 2,15,00,000 pages in its domain name.

7. Minimum Pay Package in Google India

Google India offers minimum pay package of about Rs. 11 lakh, plus incentives, insurance, and other benefits.

8. Offered in Regional Languages

Google India is offered in several regional languages such as Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Punjabi. India is only the country where Google is provided in more languages than any other country.

Article first published on April 23, 2016.

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