Delhi Metro

The Delhi Metro is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Delhi. However, it is already crowded and you would find many pickpockets. Despite this, Delhi Metro is one of the best transportation systems in Delhi for all commuters. There are several things which you didn’t know about Delhi Metro. So, let’s read it!

Delhi Metro
Delhi Metro

13 Amazing, and Important Facts About Delhi Metro

1. No dustbins at stations

You would not find any dustbins in DMRC metro stations except the restaurants at metro stations.

2. It is called neutral zones

You would say it power cuts, but DMRC calls it power shifts. You would see a few stations face lights and AC go off are actually power shifts, according to DMRC.

3. You would not see odd number coaches

Have you ever seen odd number of coaches in Delhi Metro? No chances of that thing as it is not possible due to the technology used by DMRC. There are two types of coaches, the first one is driver car and another one is motor car. These coaches cannot be used separately and hence you would see only even number of coaches.

4. Rent cycles from DMRC

Have you ever used DRMC cycles? Yes, you heard it right, DMRC provides bicycles on rent. They charge just Rs. 10 for four hours rent. You just need to have a valid ID proof to rent a cycle.

5. Special DMRC Debit Card Powered by ICICI Bank

Have you ever used DMRC debit card, powered by ICICI bank? It is largely unknown but DMRC and ICICI Bank launched their own debit card which will be useful to shop at metro stations to get 10% discount and give you reward points too.

6. Special facilities for visually impaired passengers

To help the visually impaired passengers, DMRC have placed broad yellow strips which may be useful to reach the lifts and to the exits.

7. Physically Challenged Friendly

Are you PH or old age person? Then don’t worry. Delhi Metro is very friendly towards the physically challenged persons including PH, old age persons, and other. You would get wheelchair and easily can board into the train and go outside the station.

8. Delhi Metro covers more than earth’s total circumference

Delhi Metro has a large network, or say 200 trains covering a total distance of 69,000 kms every day. It is more than the earth’s total circumference.

9. Train runs on time

The Delhi Metro train always runs on time and you would not able to heard train running late announcement. It is one of the most punctual things happened to our country.

10. Average Daily Ridership

In 2004-2005, average daily ridership was about 124,000 which climbed to 2,386,000 in 2014-2015. It is one of the fastest growing metro networks in the world in terms of average daily ridership.

11. Women’s Sari Guard At Escalators

A woman’s sari would not stuck into the escalators as the Delhi Metro have implemented ‘sari guard’ feature into the escalators.

12. Second most popular metro system in the world

Did you know? Delhi Metro was ranked the second most popular metro system in the world in 2014. The first most popular metro system was New York.

13. DMRC is getting carbon credits

Did you know? DMRC is getting carbon credits for reducing pollution levels of Delhi by 630,000 tonnes per year.

Article first published on May 1, 2016.

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