Delhi Air Pollution

Delhi is one of the largest cities in the world. It is also the capital of the Republic of India. The capital is overcrowded and industries are growing at good number. Number of cars and trucks are reached at another high point. So, the air pollution have been increased in Delhi and it has reached the level of danger.

In this article, we have compiled a list of unknown, important and interesting facts about Delhi air pollution.

12 Interesting and Unknown Facts About Delhi Air Pollution

1. Industrial Waste and Vehicle Responsible

Did you know? Mostly industrial waste and vehicles are responsible for the high-level air pollution in Delhi.

Delhi Industrial Pollution
Delhi Industrial Pollution

2. 80,000 trucks/night

Did you know? It is the most interesting fact about Delhi’s air pollution. About 80,000 trucks in and out of the city at night, which is considered as one of the major reasons for increasing air pollution in Delhi. Most of the trucks are old and use mixture of diesel and kerosene.

Delhi Truck Pollution
Delhi Truck Pollution

3. Power Plants

It is unknown fact about Delhi air pollution but it is one of the major reasons for air pollution in Delhi. Power plants are located within the limit of the city of Delhi and hence it contributes at the highest level in air pollution issue.

4. 10,000 people die / year

It is one of the unknown facts about Delhi air pollution. About 10,000 people die prematurely each year due to the pollution level in Delhi.

Children Suffers A Lot in Delhi Air Pollution
Children Suffers A Lot in Delhi Air Pollution

5. CNG failed to attract citizens

About 1,000 new vehicles are registered each day and most of them are diesel run vehicles.

6. High number of deaths

Delhi seen a high number of deaths due to respiratory ailments from 2003-2004 till 2006-2007. These numbers increased at the highest level by 2013-2014.

7. US Embassy have its own air pollution monitor

It is one of the strange facts about Delhi air pollution. The Embassy of the United States’s own air pollution monitor covers the area of Chanakyapuri.

US Embassy New Delhi
US Embassy New Delhi

8. Check Air Pollution Level Online

You could check air pollution level online on the official websites of the Indian Meteorological Department air pollution monitoring, and The Central Pollution Control Board air pollution monitoring.

9. WHO Reported Delhi The Most Polluted City

The World Health Organization, or simply known as WHO, is the sole organization which is responsible for the global level health awareness. They have reported that the city of Delhi is the most-polluted city in the world. However, the Government of India rejected the report.

10. Lung-related diseases on rise

Delhi is suffering from high number of lung-related diseases, especially in children. It is an alarming situation for all.

Lungs Suffers A Lot Due to Delhi Air Pollution
Lungs Suffers A Lot Due to Delhi Air Pollution

11. Leave Delhi

It’s a joke and also advised seriously by many doctors in Delhi – If you are suffering from respiratory diseases, then leave Delhi. This term was also trended on Twitter.

Leave Delhi Right Now
Leave Delhi Right Now

12. Most Dangerous City in the World

PM2.5 is considered the most dangerous particle and Delhi had seen 20 times more particle in the recent time.

Article first published on May 8, 2016.

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