Assam has always been in the news but for the wrong reasons. It is one of the greatest states in the country and this can be seen by the amazing facts about Assam. However, it has been rendered weak from the start. So let us look at a few facts.


1. The name Assam has no link from the past and it is still not known how was the state named and on what basis. It is under research till date and origin shows the signs from Sanskrit.

2. From the total oil reserves in India, Assam is ranked the 4th and there is a museum named as Digboi, which is dedicated to the Assam Oils.

3. In the Northeast, Assam is the highest in the GDP. However, it is among the five Indian states to have the lowest GDP. In the year 2012-13 it had a GDP of Rs.42,036 only.

4. Assam being a non-Muslim state still has the largest concentration of Muslims with a population of 34.20%.

5. Assam was first mentioned as a word in the 4th century in a pillar inscription at Allahabad, which was written by Samudragupta from the Gupta Dynasty.

6. One interesting fact about Assam is that it is the single gateway to the northeast, as it is connected to Siliguri via NH31.

7. Assam is the only north eastern state that is connected to the rest of the nation. There is a new railway station in Tinsukia, which has a broad gauge tracks in the eastern most point.

8. British first introduced Tea plantations in Assam and since then it has been the largest producers of tea ever produced in India.

9. There are two world heritage sites in Assam that are UNESCO approved. They are the Kaziranga National Park and the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary.

10. In these wildlife abodes there are many endangered species such as the wild water buffalos, which are majorly found here as compared to the rest of the world.

11. The Assamese script comes from the ancient Siddham script and it gave the Bengali script a rise. With the Japanese Kana script and the Tibetan script being picked up from Assamese script, it makes them a renowned script across the globe.

All these facts about Assam clearly make it a perfect destination to be visited as soon as possible. Especially with the UNESCO world heritage sites being here, it is worth the visit.

Article Title: 11 Interesting, Amazing and Unknown Facts About Assam
Article first published on February 26, 2017.

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