7th Pay Commission is the most important pay commission for the pay revision of central government employees. A good number of state governments in India also implements the pay commission after the finalization by the central government. It is one of the most popular things among the government employees in India as they get good pay revise after implementations of each and every pay commission’s recommendations.

In this article, we have compiled a list of important, lesser known and interesting facts about 7th Pay Commission.

Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur
Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur

6 Interesting Facts About 7th Pay Commission

1. Who Are The Members and Chairman of 7th Pay Commission

Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur, a retired Supreme Court judge and retired Chairman of Armed Forces Tribunal was the chairman of 7th Pay Commission. Vivek Rae (Retd. Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas) was full time member of the pay commission. Dr. Rathin Roy (Director, NIPFP) was part time member of the comission. While Meena Agarwal (OSD, Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance) was the secretary of the 7th Pay Commission.

2. Controversies Due to IAS Officers

A senior IAS officer was included in three member 7th Pay Commission and hence it created so much controversies among the bureaucracy of India. This appointment was also challenged in the Delhi High Court. They alleged that the inclusion of an IAS officer will create impact in the pay commission’s recommendations.

3. Recommended A Salary Hike of 23.55%

The Seventh Central Pay Commission recommended a hike of 23.55% in pay and allowances. The pay commission also recommended to implement these recommendations from January 1, 2016.

4. Union Cabinet Approved 7th Pay Panel Recommendations

The Union Cabinet approved the recommendations of 7th Pay Panel on June 29, 2016. The cabinet also directed to implement the pay commission recommendations from January 1, 2016 for all central government employees. The arrears will be paid in the financial year 2016-2017.

5. Rejected One Rank, One Pension

The Government of India rejected the demand of One Rank, One Pension for all central government employees. It was a much shouted demand by the central government employees.

6. Central Government Employees Unhappy

The central government employees didn’t liked the recommendations and decision of the Central Government of India. The government employees told that, it is the worst pay commission in the history of pay revision.

Article Title: 8 Interesting Facts About 7th Pay Commission
Article first published on August 21, 2016.

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